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Hand Disinfection Turnstile

Hand Disinfection Turnstile

Hand Disinfection Turnstile is providing hand and foot disinfectant with turnstile.

304 quality stainless steel

Size : 86*110*160 cm, Weight: 90 kg Both hands spray 3-5ml disinfectant. There have a mats for the lower soles of the feet.

Energy: 110/220 V-60/50 Hz. AC (±10%), 24 V DC standby ~11W. ~60W at the time of transition. The tourniquet handles can be removed and fitted one by one. Housing feature: Outdoor water protected, 1,5 mm 304 stainless steel (SSTL) Control system: It works in the harmony with all kinds of access control units and taken by systems. It can be controlled with any voltage between dry contact or TTL . CMOS. 5-48 v.

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AR-500 Hand Disinfection Turnstile 304 Quality Cr. Ni Stainless Steel 869*1100*1600 cm Teklif İste
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