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Industrial Photocell Disinfectant Dispenser 5 LT

Industrial Photocell Disinfectant Dispenser 5 LT


Device manufactured by stainless steel. Outer case made by 1 mm stainless steel.
It is controlled by electronic card board.
Material dispenser occurs by nozzle systems.
After photocell sensor perceive the hand in bottom then spray material with using pump.
Run with 220-230V 50hz. (Exit 24V)
Hardware and software of card produced by ourselves.

Wall-Mounted Hand Sanitizer

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304 quality Cr.Ni made of stainless material.

Hospital, pharmacy, Market, Petrol station etc. Automatic sensor doors can be installed in areas. Opening a door with a sensor is not allowed without disinfecting the hands. This way, the outside person does not enter without disinfecting their hands. Hand sanitizer product is photocell. Hand sanitizer section is controlled by 12V electronic card system. 5 liter disinfectant canister is placed in the chamber together with the canister. It draws disinfectant from the canister. It is made with spray nozzles and the nozzles are completely 304 quality stainless steel.

The material to be used should put into tank with own can. Device dispense soap or disinfectant via using hose to be attached to the can.

Size: 194 x 288 x 400 mm Weight :5,8 kg

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AR-1000 Industrial Photocell Disinfectant Dispenser 5LT 304 Quality Stainless Steel 285*190*450 mm Teklif İste
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