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Industrial Photocell Disinfectant Dispenser

Industrial Photocell Disinfectant Dispenser


Device is manufactured by stainless steel. Outer case made by 1 mm thickness stainless steel.
It sprays 0,18-0,22 ml disinfectant solution in one usage.
Controlled by electronic card board.
Misting occurs by nozzle systems.
After photocell sensor perceive the hand in bottom then spray disinfectant with using pump.
Run with 220-230V 50hz electricty . (Exit 24V)
Hardware and software of card produced by ourselves.

Size: 143 x 143 x 220 mm Weight: 2 Kg

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AR-1200 Industrial Photocell Disinfectant Dispenser Stainless Steel Size: 143 x 143 x 220 mm Weight: 2 Kg Teklif İste
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